Compassion Spreads Like

Help our brave wildland firefighters
when they need it most

With our Mental Health Program, wildland firefighters in need of resources can find their way. We strive to provide the most we can for our community, but we need your help. Your donation can make the difference.



52 Club

The "Power of One" opportunity. The Wildland Firefighter Foundation does not receive government money. Through your donation of a dollar a week, we are there when wildland firefighters die in the line of duty, are seriously injured or suffer a catastrophic illness. Challenge your buddies, your family, your friends and your community to pitch in and be part of the 52 Club Campaign. You'll get a patch, a pin, and a helmet sticker, and your name and organization will be listed on our website, but what you'll really receive is the reassurance that the Wildland Firefighter Foundation is standing behind those on the firelines. Our goal for this campaign is 19,000 members.

Individual Lifetime

Support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation would not exist without your support. You help us send money to wildland firefighter families when a death or injury occurs, a bronze statue for families of the fallen, Christmas sponsorships, and many other assistance efforts. WFF provides the channel for your donations to reach those in need during difficult times. This Foundation exists solely out of the goodness of the hearts of all of you.