52 Club

A buck a week to help a buddy. Be part of the "Compassion that spreads like wildfire."

Every summer we hear the news that makes us heartsick:  wildland firefighters die in the line of duty.  They are killed in burn-overs, vehicle accidents, helicopters, tanker crashes, and heart attacks.  Their lives touch many family members, friends, and co-workers.  Survivors are left to struggle with incomprehensible loss and the financial burden that comes from fatalities and injuries.

Who will help them after their firefighter has paid the ultimate price?  The light at the end of that tunnel is the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.  It takes your help to keep doing this good work.  Since the Foundation was formed, we have given away more than 1.5 million dollars in emergency grants to injured firefighters and families of fallen firefighters.

Almost everyone can afford to donate just $1 per week for a year.  That is $52 for an annual donation.  Challenge your buddies, friends, family, and communities to join in.  You’ll get a pin, but what you really get is knowing we’ll be there when things go bad for our firefighters.

Join the 52 Club individually or have your company or organization listed as a Gold Member when at least 75% of all its employees enroll.


Annual MembershipLifetime Membership

For those of you who donate to the Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign and United Way, thank you!  We appreciate your support.  We know many of you would like to count that contribution as a 52 Club membership, however, by the time your donation reaches us, it is anonymous and we don’t know who you are!  Please get us a copy of your CFC receipt and we’ll be sure you are added to the 52 Club list and receive your items.  Want to become a Lifetime Member?

When some of you came across John Fidler’s name (listed as a Lifetime Member) on the membership list a few years ago, you started asking “how can I become a lifetime member?”  Well, we here at the Foundation sat and talked about that for a bit, trying to figure out a way to give folks this opportunity.  As the story goes with John, in 2005, he donated 34 year’s worth of “back” memberships.  I know, many of you are shaking your heads saying “no way will I make it 34 years!”  Well, we’ve decided that many of you can make it 25 years (if you limit the shenanigans!), so we’re offering “lifetime” memberships at 25 years – that’s $1,300.  We’ll even arrange for you to have a certain membership number on the list if you want (although, some of the numbers are already taken).  Become a lifetime member today and help continue to build the 52 Club legacy!

Joining the 52 Club is your “Power of One” opportunity.  This Foundation is supported by individuals.  We do not receive government money – we are here because hundreds of you choose to support each other.  We are simply the funnel of the wildland community to the families of firefighters who are seriously injured or are killed in the line of duty.